Concert KUMM in Cafe Teatru Play

Kumm are a romanian alternative rock band from cluj – bucharest, romania.
The band is composed of catalin mocan (lead vocals, guitar), eugen nutescu (guitar, vocals), iordache (saxophones), kovacs andras (piano, rhodes piano, synthesisers), alexandru miu (bass) and john ciurea (drums). since 1998, the band have released five studio albums.
Kumm’s debut album “moonsweat march” appeared in 2000. It was well received, especially in the art-rock and prog-rock communities.

With the second album, “confuzz” (2002), and new lead singer dan byron, the band definitely crossed the line into alternative rock territory. “angels & clowns”(2005) was the band’s first release on the italian label cramps records, and found the band experimenting with electronics and baritone sax.

The album’s release was followed by two italian tours. in 2005 kumm attempted their first tour of germany, and met their current manager anja strub, who went on to organize the band’s next european tours. Later that year, singer dan byron left the band. kumm started rehearsing with singer catalin mocan ( formerly of persona) and composed the material for their fourth album, which was released in 2006.

“different parties”, the band’s most adventurous and daring album to date, mixed mocan’s soaring vocals with brutal guitar and saxophone riffs and lushly arranged strings and woodwinds. in 2007, Kumm celebrated their first ten years with a concert at the bucharest national opera house, amongst their former band mates and romania’s most interesting rock bands (timpuri noi, luna amara, zob, travka, the mood). as a friendly gesture, each one of them played one song by kumm. kumm have released on 30 october 2009 their fifth studio album, called “far from telescopes”.

Foto: DramaVision photography

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