Do They Ever Sing?

Child: Do the children ever sing? The Beautiful: Alas, they do not sing but songs of woe and remembrance. Child: Do the children ever dance? The Beautiful: Alas, they can dance no more. Child: Do the children ever laugh? The Beautiful: Alas, their laughter can be heard no longer. Child: Do the children ever play? […]

The ebony meadow (Act III)

Crosses of silk, soil of stone and streams of blood Winds sing sorrowful melodies of a youthful earth The trees hang their heads in baneful prayer We listen in wonder to the tales of the moon [The Beautiful: ] May I watch the stillness pass me by May I forever choose to embrace the light, […]

The battle (Act II)

[Deceit: ] Now must choose O’ wretched soul, for thyself, thou must choose Choose to take or be taken, to be tortured by thy Sorrow by giving into thy reluctance and pity Go then, if thou must, to die a miserable wretch within Thy blackened kingdom [Benevolence: ] Listen not to the lies of false […]

Moon of amber

Umbra, We watch the Moon of Amber. And again, the Garden mourns its silent dream. Unguarded, Some fragments of light linger in your sky. Were we like sublunary lovers Straying on the seas of your heart, Sailing down the streams of your mind, Soothing your marble face anew… Dim… in the shadows of our sun, […]

The Wake Of The Angel

I am the eyes of the Basilisk. As you enter the forest of my sleep, Drawing aside the bushes of glimmering light, You will remember the prayer of Orion. Drifted in me, you are alone. The hour approaches and the Moon, dim as clay, Pours a sea of tears into our swollen eyes. Kill the […]